Hospital Drug Errors Hurt 1 in 15 Kids

The rate is alarming: one in fifteen hospitalized children will fall victim to an accidental overdose, experience a bad reaction to medication, or will be given the wrong drug—all of which could end in death.

Researcher used to believe that only two in 100 hospitalized kids would experience a drug-related harmful event. But a recent study using a new medical error detection method has found that number to be much higher. It’s now believed that 11 in 100 kids will be harmed during their hospital stay.

Until hospitals begin using fool-proof methods to prevent accidental overdoses and medicine mix-ups, it’s important that parents stay with their children in the hospital and question every medication that is being administered. Ask what medication your child is being given and why. Do your homework and be the watchdog your child needs.

Of course, avoiding the hospital altogether is the highest goal to achieve. That’s why chiropractic adjustments are such a valuable key to maintaining health—even in new born infants and small children. Take proactive measures to keep your kids out of the hospital. Feed them a healthy diet and forget the junk food. Make sure they get outside to play and exercise. And schedule them for regular chiropractic adjustments.

[source: April 2008 issue of the journal of Pediatrics]



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