Hey watch this old Simpson’s clip “Chirotown” see how many chiro stereotypes you can count,

4 thoughts on “Homer Simpson goes to the chiropractor!”
  1. Hi,

    I’m a brazilian chiropractic student. I was looking for a simpsons episode on net “Homer Simpson Goes To The Chiropractor”. Could you send me this episode??? Cos youtube block this video.

    Thank you, kisses.

  2. If your still looking for this episode, i will look for You.
    I am a Chiropractor in USA. Califorina.
    Learned portueges when i was 16 and spent time in brasil.
    E-mail me if your still interested.

    Pez bem


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    Posts!!Sounds great to me to hear about this.I always wondering about this so

    thanks for letting me know..Please keep me up to date and keep up the good


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