Why Groupon and Living Social are having problems

living social and groupon

if you real business articles like I do, then you have heard that both of the big Daily Deals sites-Groupon and Living Social are faltering. Groupon just fired its founder and CEO, and Living Social just posted a $50 Million first-quarter loss. I’m sure they have CFO’s and such making excuses why the companies have been performing poorly…but I know why. They both act like they don’t want my business.

I own a business. I have used both sites and have had success running deals-I am a happy customer! I want to re-run a deal…try contacting them…it’s an ordeal to get anyone to talk to me!

I know both companies have a hard time keeping sales reps. Emails bounce back when I try to contact my former reps. I have even tried public shaming on Twitter! The person in charge of their twitter account contacted me and told me to Direct message my info…I did. Still no answer. So there it is, daily deal companies….take care of my needs as a businessperson and maybe you wouldn’t need to sell me crappy closeout merchandise or whatever you are pushing besides the local deals.

And if you are from Living Social or Groupon….call me. I have a deal to run!




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