Experts Say: Skip Flu Vaccine

vaccineContrary to what we’ve been taught our whole lives, the Flu Vaccine is turning out to be an apparent waste of money and time—this according to Tom Jefferson, a health scientist recently published in the British Medical Journal. “There is little evidence that the vaccines have any kind of beneficial effect, even for vulnerable people with asthma and cystic fibrosis.”

Contributing to the case against vaccine use is the fact that influenza viruses mutate and vary from year to year, making it difficult for scientists to study the precise effects of the vaccines. In addition, the medical field seems to have difficulty distinguishing between the flu and completely different illnesses that share the same symptoms as the flu.

“This confusion leads to a gross overestimation of the impact of influenza,” says Jefferson, “and unrealistic expectations of the performance of the vaccines, and spurious certainty of our ability to predict viral circulation and impact.”

Added into the mix of confusion are policy makers. In their efforts to deal with public health issues—or at least to be “seen” as actively working to defend public health—many politicians promote the flu vaccination simply because it’s a household name.

With so much controversy, it’s time to take the smart and simple approach to maintaining health and warding off sickness. Eat healthy, exercise and make chiropractic care part of your daily lifestyle.



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