Eliminate Back Pain with Exercise

Cindy Pickett, featured in a May 2009 Consumer Reports magazine health article, said that at the young age of 22 she developed back pain while working on a home project. As the decades passed her back pain limited her daily activity and greatly reduced her quality of life. She was taking pain killers to manage the pain and in time she gained 100 pounds.

But Cindy turned over a new leaf. After retiring from teaching Cindy took on a new full time job: to lose weight through diet and exercise.

In the process of losing weight and gaining muscle Cindy’s back pain began to greatly diminish to the point where she no longer needed pain killers. She credits her new found freedom from pain to the weight loss and her newly strengthened abdominal muscles (which help support the back.)

back-pain-921In the low back pain survey of 14,000 people conducted by Consumer Reports, Cindy was one of the 44 percent who said exercise greatly reduced their low back pain. Well over half of those surveyed said they wished they had engaged in more exercise as a means to proactively avoid back pain.

Exercise is a major key to eliminating low back pain, a key that goes hand-in-hand with chiropractic adjustments. Together, they can help you achieve and maintain a healthy spine—the foundation to a healthy and happy quality of life.

[Source: May 2009 issue of Consumer Reports magazine, Relief For Aching Backs ]