Driving 4 hours

I have a practice member that drives 3-4 hours (each way) to see me at my office.

Some people drive from Atlanta, Gainesville, Dallas, Lawrenceville, Chattanooga and Cleveland, Tennessee. I think the one that drove the furthest was from North Carolina.

I sometimes wonder what makes people travel such long distances-driving past hundreds of other chiropractic offices-past older and more experienced and (possibly) better doctors.

I don’t really think I would do the same-not for a doctor. I would drive hundreds of miles to see a friend-someone who cares about my health and about me.

Maybe the reason that some of these people come from so far away is that they feel cared for and loved and not seen as dollar signs.

Hey, and if you are one of those people and are reading this:

I love you!



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