Dreams and Goals

God built and designed you to achieve your goals and gives us the dreams and passsions to push us toward achieving them. Your heritage and ethnic mix, the color of your skin, your language, your height and build, and all your other physical features are made for the fulfillment of your vision. You were custom built for what you are supposed to do. You are perfect for your purpose.
Everything God gave you to do, you are able to do. For everything God put in your heart to do, you have the ability to accomplish.

Dreams are given to draw out what is already inside of us and to activate Gods power in enabling us to achieve our visions. This is why God gave us dreams that are bigger than our educations and most often bigger than our ability to comprehend how they mIght ever come about. You may not have the background to do what you are going to do. People may not believe you can do it, yet what does it matter what they think? Just keep moving toward your goals, dreams and desires. They are God-given. Why else would you believe such things are possible?

God never gives us dreams to frustrate us. He gives us dreams to deliver us from mediocrity and to reveal our true selves to the world. God appoints, anoints, and provides the resources to accomplish those desires.

John Madeira, D.C.




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