Drastically reduce your risk of cancer

Mom was right after all—we need to eat our vegetables, and lots of them, if we want to protect ourselves against cancer.

According to a wave of studies, scientists have found compelling and consistent data associating diets rich in vegetables and fruits with a lower risk of cancer. With 1.2 million Americans diagnosed with cancer each year, this is good news.

Of the 200-plus global studies that were conducted, scientists safely conclude that a plant-rich diet puts people at a lower risk for developing tumors. Data from one particular area of research found that a diet rich in vegetables and grains slashed the risk of colon cancer by 40 percent. Another study found that women who regularly ate little to no vegetables were 25 percent more prone to develop breast cancer.

What is in vegetables and fruits that wards off cancer? John D. Potter, and epidemiologist at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Centre in Seattle says, “We’re discovering a plethora of bioactive substance in plant foods.” This substance is being labeled as a “phytochemical”. In a nut shell, these phytochemicals are naturally occurring compounds that interfere with the growth of cancer by slowing down, stopping or even reversing cancer’s damage.

Take a proactive stance to protect your body from cancer. Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits each day, and make chiropractic adjustments part of your healthy lifestyle. It all works together to give you a better quality of life.

[Source: Harvard Health Letter, 1995]





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