Doctor of Last Resort

Last week a patient came in saying that he did not know what he was going to do-he had spent over $30,000 in treatments and diagnostics to figure out what was wrong with his back. He was distressed and depressed amd about to give up.

One of his friends apparently told him to come see me. Since he had tried chiropractic in the past, he didn’t feel that I could help, but came anyway.

I checked him and found many subluxations an an incredible amount of twisting (torque) in the spine. I proceeded to adjust him by hand and with the Arthro-Stim.

When he sat up, there was a strange look on his face -I asked him if he was still in pain. He said no… but had to check in different positions. He was amazed at how quickly the pain has gone. Frankly, so was I. Disc issues normally take several visits to see a nice change.

The reason I write this is eo let people know that even if you feel there is no hope for your particular condition, try something else. It may work.

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