Cold Medicine and Adjustments

Today, as I was adjusting a patient-she was telling me about her previous chiropractor…a guy down the street and how crazy he was because he thought he could cure anything with an adjustment. I smiled and mentioned that maybe you think I’m crazy too, then. She stopped an in a slightly embarrassed way asked me: “what do you mean?”

I said, “well, let me correct you on a couple of things: I don’t think I can CURE ANYTHING! However, your body is capable of healing itself of ANYTHING!”

I went on and explained health and how chiropractic improves your health.. Without using the word “subluxation” or any other “technical” words…

She did understand what I was trying to say and was not interested in changing concepts. She snorted: “Well, you say that and when you have a cold I’ll see you taking cold medicine like the rest of us!

Anyone that knows me would have laughed right there. “Actually, I really don’t get sick very often-maybe a cold every couple of years…and when I do, I DON’T take cold medicine!” I told her.

“I make sure my spine is aligned, rest properly and maybe take some vitamins if I feel something coming on. My body fights whatever it is and I don’t get sick!”

By the look she gave me I must have turned into an alien or something-but I explained to her that since starting care with me her symptoms had reduced, MOST of the other conditions that she had been suffering with had improved. I also wanted her to see that at this rate, we were going to get to a point where there were no health issues to worry about whatsoever. She just needed to give her body a chance to get properly aligned and stay that way.

I’m hoping she will “get” the concept -but now you see how difficult it is for some people to change their view about health.