Chiropractors Help Pregnant Women With Pain

The above headline comes from the August 14, 2007 issue of the Dallas Morning Star. In this article, Special Contributor Kathleen Green, starts off by stating, ” Moms-to-be once resigned themselves to nine months of misery. But, frankly, they’ve had enough.” She continues, ” More women are exploring options and seeking alternatives to ease back pain, headaches, exhaustion and much more. One place many are finding relief is at a chiropractor’s office.”

The article follows several chiropractors and their pregnant patients and views their reasons for choosing chiropractic and their results. One such patient was Teresa Seymour, who started chiropractic treatment during her first pregnancy with her daughter who is now 2 years old. Teresa said, “If there were times when I could feel that I was starting to get sore in the back, I would go to the chiropractor.” During her second pregnancy, she reported, “Just picking up my daughter could knock a hip a little bit the wrong way and kind of pinch a nerve,” she says. “I went to [my chiropractor], and he’d adjust my back and my hips.” <

The article interviews Dr. Ken Wilson, a chiropractor who sees a lot of pregnant women in his practice and estimates that about 20 percent of his patients are pregnant. He stated, “My focus has changed more to pregnant moms and kids nowadays. My wife had to go through the constant low back [pain] and headaches and really being uncomfortable all of the time. I wanted to help her personally.”

Chris Burfield, an educational director with Dr. Wilson added, “When spinal bones get pulled out of place, those bones push up against or irritate the nerves. Those nerves will start to send pain signals off to the brain to let the brain know there’s a problem.”

Sara Townsley, a former high school science teacher received chiropractic care two years ago during her first pregnancy. She recalled, “If I do a lot of cleaning, like bathroom cleaning where I’m bending over, when I’m pregnant, that’s usually when I have my sciatica.” She continued, “Ella [her daughter] really sat on my hips, and it helped to have them aligned regularly to relieve some pressure and nerve pinching.”

The article also interviews a medical physician, Dr. Walter Evans, an obstetrician-gynecologist in private practice at Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas. According to the article, Dr. Evans acknowledges a chiropractor’s potential in prenatal care, sometimes referring patients with lower back pain to chiropractors. He states, “I’ve had good luck working with some chiropractors with patients who have low back pain during pregnancy.”



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