Chiropractic Research

No matter what condition a person may have they need chiropractic care to ensure their body is working without subluxations. If you have any specific questions please feel free to contact us.

Bedwetting, menstrual cramps and stomach problems.
Patients suffering from bedwetting, menstrual cramps and ulcer pains/indigestion were given chiropractic care. MDs performed pap tests, pelvic exams and upper GI studies but could find nothing wrong.
From the study:
“A total of eight subjects in each category were selected and two in each category were not treated (to be used as control cases). No one in the study had any back pain.
“All cases of pelvic pain and severe cramping of the uterus had stopped. All women experienced three menstrual cycles through the duration of this study. “The bedwetting category demonstrated 50% of the children had stopped bedwetting early in the program, 25% of the children had a 50% reduction in the frequency of occurrences and 25% showed no improvement.
“All the patients in the gastric category except one responded to chiropractic care.” (4)

Improved quality of life.
This preliminary study revealed that those under chiropractic showed significant improvements in physical well-being, mental/emotional state, stress management, life enjoyment and overall quality of life, during an average of 5.5 months of chiropractic care. (5)
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