Child Birth, Know the Truth

Expectant parents often find themselves contemplating the benefits of both natural and medically manipulated childbirth procedures. Which method is best? Which method is most healthy? While there are many opinions on the topic, here are a few proven facts that can’t be ignored.

Natural methods of childbirth place the mother and baby in natural sitting or squatting positions where the combination of the mother’s contractions, gravity and time work together to deliver the baby from the birth canal easily.

In contrast to this natural method, medical doctors have mother’s assume more unnatural positions and often override the effects of gravity and time. This is evident as millions of babies are delivered each year through the often-violent use of suction and/or forceps. Suction and forceps, used to pull the baby from the birth canal, often deform the baby’s head (sometimes permanently) and places undue stress upon the newborn’s neck and spine. Many babies examined at birth are found to have spinal misalignments due to this unnatural retrieval procedure. It’s safe to say that dealing with the effects of a spinal misalignment isn’t the ideal way to begin your life outside the womb. Unfortunately, some babies with misalignments will go on to suffer health problems, both mild and severe, as a result of misalignments that occurred during their traumatic childbirth.

In the medical community, most women are given an episiotomy to provide a larger opening through which the baby can be delivered. Medicine has always backed up this procedure with the philosophy that episiotomies heal better and help women avoid incontinence after childbirth. However, a study reported in the May 4, 2005 Journal of the American Medical Association disproves this philosophy. According to the article, 26 research studies found that women who have episiotomies during childbirth have a higher risk of injury, more pain and more trouble healing.

Before you make arrangements on where to deliver your baby, get informed. Talk to your chiropractor and find out what practices are safest for your child and which deliver the most risk to your newborn’s health and well-being.

Pregnant moms, be sure to maintain a regular schedule of chiropractic adjustments throughout the entire pregnancy. As your belly grows it places extra pressure on your spine. Chiropractic adjustments will help to alleviate some of that pressure and help ensure that your body is functioning at top capacity, making your pregnancy and delivery much easier