Cerebral Palsy

Last week we saw a boy with cerebral palsy. His mother brought him in because she was getting great results with her care and wondered if maybe chiropractic would help.

Two days after the adjustment, his mother said the boy was “walking better, more alert, stopped having seizures, and would now let her know when he needed to use the bathroom!

Pretty good results after ONE adjustment, I would say.

The very next day another CP case showed up, this time a liitle girl-she had one leg drawn up and her hand drawn and twisted in. Saturday, her dad came in and brought her and showed me that her leg was now relaxed.

Now one of the boy’s medical doctors wants a report detailing exactly what I am doing to the kid. They probably want to somehow say that what I am doing is wrong, and to stop it.

Not that I really blame them, they have no clue what I am doing, just that we are getting results-and they are not. I am going against what is called “standard of care”- I am not providing standard medical treatment. There is not a thing they can do because I am not providing medical treatment, I am removing subluxations by providing chiropractic care.



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