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What’s Wrong With Sugar?

  “Most people are only taught about the affect that sugar has on your dental health…but its harmful ramifications go far beyond your smile.The biggest problem with sugar is that it puts a strain on the immune system, the system that protects the body from getting sick or developing disease” …

Lost 22 pounds with an adjustment?

I like writing about odd cases and circumstances in my practice. Most of the time it’s about some health issue getting better because bodies are working better with chiropractic adjustments. Today we had a lady come a month after her first adjustment. She reported that after her first visit, she …

Dr. Madeira’s Weight Loss: Natural and Simple

Everyday Americans are bombarded with advertisements for weight loss plans. Each plan claims to have a unique strategy for rapid weight loss. But if you can’t decipher which weight loss plan is the best for you, or you can’t afford to buy all the extra gadgets and meals that come …

Packing on the Weight!

I haven’t weighed myself, but I can feel that my weight is slowly creeping up. I think that I’ve been so busy, that I have been eating a lot of junk lately. I have now posted this online so now I’m comitted to doing something about it!