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Iron Man and Chlorophyll

Those of you that are science-fiction and comic book nerds (like I am), might have noticed that in Iron Man 2, Tony Stark drinks concentrated chlorophyll so he can detox his body of radiation that comes from his “artificial Palladium-powered heart” So you may ask, will chlorophyll detox me? Or where …
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Circulatory System Support

As people celebrate Valentine’s Day we can turn our attention on American Heart Month. Since 1963, Congress has required the president to declare February “American Heart Month”. The goal is to raise funds for research and education to focus on cardiovascular disease as the #1 cause of death in the …
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10 Tips to Improve Sleep

By Judith Cobb Is sleep your friend or your foe? If it’s your friend, you sleep easily and well, and feel refreshed and rejuvenated after a good sleep. If it is your enemy you may have problems falling asleep, staying asleep, or you may not feel rested after an appropriate …
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Beer May Prevent Osteoporosis

Beer is a Rich Source of the Dietary Mineral Silicon and May Help Prevent Osteoporosis A new study suggests that beer is a significant source of dietary silicon, a key ingredient for increasing bone mineral density. Researchers from the Department of Food Science & Technology at the University of California, …
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Flu Season Survival

by Kim Wellborn I have been inundated with calls about the fear of flu; my feelings about flu are no different this year than any other! (For my views on flu vaccines see the Q&A section of my website). It’s true that this year the media has emphasized that several …
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Enzymes are some of the most remarkable organic compounds known to man. They initiate vital chemical reactions in the body. Each enzyme works like a key to unlock its unique body function. Together these many functions give us life. Digestive enzymes are especially important because they help break down food …