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The Prisoner

The Prisoner was one of those shows that totally messed me up when I was a kid. I wasn’t sure if I understood it-but then I don’t think Anyone ever really understood it. And that was it’s draw and charm. Well, The Prisoner is getting a “reboot”. It’s been updated …

Cool Toy!

I don’t know what I would use this for, but it would be cool to play with this! Night Vision Infrared Goggles

Police Scanner

I have a friend who has a police scanner and spends untold hours listening to what is going on in the neighborhood. I just found a site that lets you listen to police and fire frequencies around the nation. Here is the link to the one in Bartow County. Now …

Don’t Cha Sing that

I just saw a 5 year old little girl singing Don’t Cha by the Pussycat Dolls. Now, I’m fairly Ok with most things, but it seemed inappropiate somehow. The parents should have said something. What do you think?

Personal blog

Hey everyone! This is my personal blog. Sometimes I would love to mention something on my other blog, Healthfultips, But that blog’s focus is health. Sometimes I have something to say and it has nothing whatsover to do with the health topic.