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Breast wars

this is an article written by Tedd Koren, DC…I think it brilliantly explains the issue most of us have with the pre-emptive surgeries Angelina Jolie had performed. Breast Wars by Tedd Koren Angelina’s versus Suzanne’s breasts When Angelina Jolie had her healthy breasts cut off because her MDs told her …

Women Stop Fake Hormones and Breast Cancer Plummets!

After years of steady increase, breast cancer rates dropped 7 percent in 2003, one year after millions of women stopped taking hormone-replacement therapy (HRT) following a report by the Women’s Health Initiative regarding the dangers of HRT. Full Story  

Pink Ribbon? No, thank you.

Every year we are all inundated with request to buy a ribbon, to walk, to give your extra change to find “a cure” for breast cancer. Sorry, but I can’t. The reason is that most of these foundations don’t do any sort of alternative medicine research. If you were to …