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Why Groupon and Living Social are having problems

if you real business articles like I do, then you have heard that both of the big Daily Deals sites-Groupon and Living Social are faltering. Groupon just fired its founder and CEO, and Living Social just posted a $50 Million first-quarter loss. I’m sure they have CFO’s and such making …

Nature’s Sunshine Convention

Even though I have been involved with Nature’s Sunshine products for over 12 years, (OMG) this is my first National Convention. The most interesting thing to me is the variety of people here. There are are older people, young people, people from all ethnic backgrounds, different accents, different religions, but …


Hey,  Costco sent me a $25 card because they took too long to process my eyeglasses. I didn’t complain or anything. Way to go,  Costco!

Wal-Mart gets a new logo

So WalMart is getting a new logo, they want to spruce up their image. Seems that people have negative impressions of the company. Really? The company should spend whatever millions for the re-branding and hire checkout personnel, so it doesn’t take you 45 minutes to check out when buying a …