Can Chiropractic Improve fertility?

In August 2003, the Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research highlighted a case of a 32-year old woman with chronic colitis (a digestive disorder) that dramatically improved under chiropractic care. Shortly after the colitis cleared up, she was able to become pregnant�something she had struggled with for years.

Was there a relation between the chiropractic adjustment and her ability to conceive?

When she first consulted her chiropractor about the colitis, the woman did not mention that she and her husband had been unable to have children for seven years. Nor did she disclose that during that time she had undergone unsuccessful medical treatment for infertility. In fact, one year prior to her making chiropractic adjustment a part of her lifestyle, she and her husband had given up on trying to become pregnant. And now she was pregnant.

Studies show us that stress is often times the beginning of muscular tension–and resulting spinal misalignment–that can lead to a blockage of the nervous system. This blockage begins to affect the body�s natural ability to maintain health and normal body function. In the case of this woman, she suffered many forms of stress, which is believed to be linked to her inability to conceive. When chiropractic care was introduced to her lifestyle, blockage of the nervous system began to reduce and in time the colitis disappeared and ultimately she regained the ability to become pregnant.

The body is a powerful thing, able to heal and procreate on its own. That�s why it�s so important to make sure our spines are free of health hindering misalignment. If you�re struggling with infertility or other health problems, make chiropractic a part of your lifestyle and watch your health begin to improve.




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  1. Kaitlyn Rogers Avatar

    my dad suffered from colitis a couple of years ago, this disease is quite painful-‘-

  2. Brandi Foderaro Avatar

    for your infomation… infertility is not always a female’s problem, a great deal of men are also diagnosed with low sperm counts (like in my case – it was my husband) that categorise them as infertile but the good thing is we were lucky enough to deal with it and have have little ones…

  3. Kian Gray Avatar

    Acupuncture is a great stress reliever on me. it is also great for headaches ..

  4. Ian Henderson Avatar

    Colitis can be prevented by just drinking lots of fluids and concentrating on high fiber diets-~-

  5. Muhammad Morgan Avatar

    acupuncture seems to be a good alternative medicine ,.`

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