Calcium & Magnesium

  • Ladies need twice as much calcium per day as a man
  • you need 1.5 to 2% calcium in your blood stream, or your dead
  • your heart needs calcium to beat
  • nothing will heal in your body without calcium -leg ulcers, stomach ulcers, etc.
  • Ladies also need more magnesium than a man
  • in 1986 the government raised the RDA for calcium but did not raise magnesium, putting them farther apart again.
  • The largest lobbying arm in the US (Dairy Industry) was responsible. Milk is always deficient in magnesium and it is the richest source of calcium.
  • without enough magnesium, calcium can give you a steady heart beat and suddenly lock it up
  • without enough magnesium you get muscle cramps


  • out of solution in brain senility or Alzheimer’s
  • out of solution in eye glaucoma
  • out of solution in heart disease
  • out of solution in arteries arteriosclerosis
  • out of solution in joints arthritis
  • out of solution in ovaries premature aging
  • out of solution in skin leather looking skin

Skeletal Strength has calcium & magnesium AND HCL needed to break down minerals, it also has horsetail (for silica)
*the older a man gets the more magnesium he needs
*regarding TUMS for a source of calcium
-poor grade of calcium (calcium carbonate)
-the body can absorb any calcium (inorganic or organic) if it can chelate it with a process where it binds it with amino acids and an organic calcium, if you don¹¹t have enough organic calcium you start building deposits, spurs and stones
-they add an alkalizing ingredient which lowers the acid needed to break down minerals
*dark scurf rim indicates a deficiency in silica in the body
*silica binds calcium in the system for utilization
*hair follicle – 98% protein on the inside, but the outside is pure silica
*silica in your skin – if you have skin problems – look for silica
*Nail problems – look for silica
*One out of ten women need twice as much magnesium as calcium
*low magnesium = muscle spasms, menstrual cramps, neck spasms
*how much should you take? If you take too much magnesium the bowels will get too loose (you’ve heard of Milk of Magnesia), back off
on the amount.
Psyllium – brings down cholesterol so our circulation works
Omega 3
B3 (Niacin) – increases circulation
Butchers Broom – increases circulation to the legs
White Oak Bark – strengthens the capillaries
Garlic with allicin – if you have a problem with the odor, drink chlorophyll – blood purifier & cleanser
Blessed Thistle – carries oxygen
Target P-14