Blind Man Suddenly Sees Again


Twelve years ago Doug Harkey’s left eye suddenly stopped working. “I woke up one day and I didn’t have vision in one eye,” he said.

And as quickly as he lost sight, he got it back after a trip to the chiropractor. Click here to watch his wonderful story.

Amazing stories of healing such as this aren’t all that rare. The first chiropractic patient (112 years ago) was a deaf man whose hearing was restored after his own chiropractic adjustment.

Sounds crazy – I know… At one time I would have agreed with you. But such is the power of the human nerve system. When it’s irritated or impinged, health problems occur… but when that irritation is corrected, the healing possibilities are endless.

This also happened when i was on a mission trip to Honduras, when an elderly lady regained her eyesight there



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