Birthing Trauma

One of the most traumatic events of your life was most likely your birth and it may be responsible for your “bad back” or other less than desirable physical conditions you’ve been experiencing.

During a normal birth monitored by physicians in a hospital it’s common for extreme measures to be taken in an effort to pull and pry the baby out of the mother (think forceps and suction.) When these processes occur, the baby’s neck and spine are being pulled and stretched with forces up to 70 pounds!

A study examining the ability of a newborn’s spine to resist injury from over stretching has shown that 90 pounds of pressure was enough to completely separate and dislocate vertebrae in the neck and spine. Less pressures (as used in most hospitals) have the ability to cause mild to severe soft tissue, spinal cord and/or brainstem injury.

In Australia it’s somewhat common practice for a chiropractor to be on staff in the delivery room. Immediately upon birth the baby is examined for misaligned vertebrae and gently adjusted by the chiropractor, thus giving the baby the best head start in life it could possibly receive—a spinal cord free from obstruction so that the brain can fully communicate with, and continue to properly develop, the rest of the body.

No child is too young to receive these gentle chiropractic adjustments. Make sure your child or grandchild is receiving the head start in life they deserve. Have their spine regularly evaluated and adjusted (when necessary) by a chiropractor.




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