Benefits of Getting the Flu Part 2

(Koren Publications’ forthcoming Myth-Busting Swine Flu Report written by Tedd Koren DC,will discuss more swine flu issues. See here for other vaccination learning materials and here for brochures.)

Colds and flu afford cancer protection

In the below study, it was found that those who had colds and flu had less breast, colon, rectum, stomach and ovarian cancer. Again, colds and the flu help the body cleanse toxins.

A history of common colds or influenza prior to the interview was found to be associated with a decreased cancer risk. Abel U, Becker N, Angerer R et al. Common infections in the history of cancer patients and controls. J Cancer Res Clin Oncol. 1991;117(4);339-344.

This begs the question, are we really doing our kids (and ourselves) a favor when we vaccinate against relatively benign childhood diseases and the flu or are we setting ourselves up for cancer?

The below study from the International Journal of Cancer showed that subjects who reported a history of infectious diseases (colds and flu) had 30% less chance of getting brain tumors.

Subjects who reported a history of infectious diseases (e.g. colds, flu) showed a 30% reduction in risk [of brain tumor]. Schlehoper B, Blettner M, Preston-Martin Set al. Role of medical history in brain tumor development results from the international adult brain tumor study. International Journal of Cancer. 1999;82:155-160.

Simply by suppressing fever interferes with your body’s ability to destroy infection and can keep you sick longer. In study it was found that taking aspirin or Tylenol™ for the flu could prolong your illness by up to 3½ days. Plaisance KI et al. Effect of antipyretic therapy on the duration of illness in experimental influenza A, Shigella connei, and Rickettsia rickettsii infections. Pharmacotherapy. 2000;20(12):1417-1433.

When we are dealing with acute infectious illness the best policy is letting our body express illness. Properly expressed we get better faster and leave a healthier, cleaner, stronger person it’s wake.

In our mad dash to protect people from symptoms we should pause and reflect on the wisdom of the body. Symptoms are the way the body heals and by suppressing disease symptoms we may be deeper, more serious illness later on.