Avoiding an Adverse drug reaction

Researchers are now estimating that 3 to 6 percent of all hospital admissions are caused by dangerous, and often hidden, side-effects associated with prescription drugs. Even worse, 87 percent of these adverse drug reactions were not listed on the medication’s label.

Between the years 1998 to 2005, hospital admissions—due to negative side-effects stemming from prescription medication—sky-rocketed from 34,966 cases to 89,842. With this came a 2.7 percent increase in deaths directly resulting from an adverse drug reaction. In 2005 the number of Americans who needlessly died as the result of lethal drug-related side-effects reached a disturbing 15,107 souls.

It’s clear that America’s drug-safety evaluation system is full of flaws, making it very difficult to trust the medical community. That’s why every one of us must take our health seriously. If we don’t want to end up a medical statistic we must make permanent, healthy changes to our lifestyle. Healthy eating is a priority, as is exercise. Add regularly scheduled chiropractic adjustments to that mix and you’ll be on your way to a longer, healthier, better quality of life that is adverse drug reaction free.

[Source: Archives of Internal Medicine 9/10/2007]



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