Are you one of the “Crazies”?

Dr. DanA while ago when I  was doing an initial interview with a patient, he asked me this question: “Are you one of those crazy chiropractors that think they can cure everything with an adjustment?”  Now, anyone that knows me well knows that I love to be controversial and that I love nothing more than a good debate. I took a deep breath and said:
“Well, yes and no.  If I think I can cure anything with an adjustment, then the answer would be no. I don’t cure anything. If I think the body was made by God to be self-regulating, self-healing, self regenerating, then the answer to that would be yes!”

Do I think that the reason you aren’t healthy is because you were born defective and “less than” other people? No.

Do I think that the reason you aren’t healthy is because the body’s communication system-the nervous system somehow is blocked preventing some of the signals from the brain to your tissues and vice versa to flow freely? Yes.

Do I think that an properly placed adjustment can release this nervous system blockage and restore the communication that we are supposed to have between the central nervous system and tissues and organs of the body. This allows the inborn intelligence that runs our body to make the necessary adaptations, producing the right amount of hormones, releasing the right amount of chemicals to permit us to start to heal and take us on the path to life-long health? Yes.

So do I think I’m one of those “crazies”?

Yes I do.”
He didn’t say anything , just nodded and let me adjust him. The other day he finally admitted that he hadn’t felt this good in years and even though his back occasionally hurt now and then, and that his recurring health issues had almost disappeared.