Are you Buying Expired products?

According to a June 20, 2008 report in Consumer Affairs online, those chain store pharmacies that sell everything from medication to food may be tricking you into buying potentially dangerous expired foods and medications.

During a recent undercover shopping operation in southern California, state investigators found 48 expired products in 26 different CVS stores. Products that were old and expired—yet still on the shelves for sale—included baby food, toddler food, milk, eggs and over-the-counter medication. Price tags had been placed over the “sell by” dates to conceal the fact that the products were past expiration.

Federal law declares that most consumer products must display a valid expiration or sell by date. Oddly enough, it’s not exactly against the law for a store to sell a product that is past its expiration date. But it does become a matter of false advertising when a store that prides itself on selling fresh and current products begins to carry old and out-dated items without informing consumers of their practice.

If you live somewhere other than California, don’t assume that you’re in the clear. CVS stores in New York were also found to engage in these unlawful selling practices.

So how do you know which stores are trustable? Don’t assume anything and become a label reader. Do your homework, look for expiration dates and make wise decisions regarding the foods and products you put in your body. Better yet, avoid medications and processed foods at all costs by eating a healthy diet that includes plenty of fresh produce. And be sure to further optimize your health by making regularly scheduled chiropractic adjustments a part of your lifestyle.




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