Are You Avoiding the Chiropractor?

chiropractichealthMany people seek out a chiropractor when they are suffering with back pain. But once the pain goes away, these same people often stop getting adjusted. It’s usually just a matter of months before the pain returns and they return to the chiropractor. It’s a senseless cycle, one that could be completely avoided if the patient would just continue on with a proactive schedule of chiropractic adjustments.

“But I feel healthy” or “my back feels fine,” these are common excuses for not maintaining a regular checkup schedule of chiropractic adjustments. But what you don’t know is that your definition of healthy might be incomplete. Just because you don’t feel sick or have symptoms does not mean you are healthy. How many times have you heard of a person who suddenly dies of a heart attack?

“He was so healthy,” say his friends. Was he? If he was healthy, with a strong heart and good nerve supply, would he have had a heart attack and died? Usually in such cases the person is not healthy, just healthy looking.

Most bodily functions go on without you ever being aware of them. You normally aren’t conscious of when your organs are working correctly and you may not know it when they aren’t—until it’s too late.

Look at it this way. When we were kids we learned that the earth is spinning at an incredible speed. If you were like most kids, you went outside and looked up, trying to see or feel the earth spin. How could this possibly be happening if you couldn’t feel it or see it? But we know the truth, the earth is spinning.

Apply that same logic to the bodily functions you can not see or feel, yet they take place every second. You know it’s true, your body is designed to work this way, but how do you know if these functions are being hindered? You have no way of knowing—but your chiropractor does.

A simple evaluation of your spine will reveal if you have a spinal misalignment. If you have a misalignment, it’s most likely that some bodily function is being impaired, making you unhealthy inside even though you can’t feel it. Over time, this impairment can lead to painful symptoms and even serious health problems. So don’t wait until you feel unhealthy to seek a chiropractic adjustment. Be proactive, get chiropractic adjustments on a regular basis and start improving your body’s overall health.