Another Reason to Avoid Pharmaceutical Drugs

It’s a troubling and often vicious cycle. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) quickly and carelessly approves a pharmaceutical drug only to pull it off the market months later due to the dangerous, and sometimes lethal, drug side effects. And just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse, it gets worse.

What you didn’t know is that many pharmaceutical companies manufacture and sell prescription and over-the-counter medications that carry no FDA approval whatsoever. These untested drugs find their way to drug stores and pharmacies all across the United States.

Just this month Unigen Pharmaceuticals Inc. of Westminster, Maryland, and its parent company, Advent Pharmaceuticals, Inc., of East Windsor, New Jersey were given a court order to ”stop making and distributing unapproved, adulterated or misbranded drugs.”

Together both pharmaceutical companies were manufacturing and selling over 50 different brands of unapproved drugs—drugs that could be in your medicine cabinet right now.

A few of the unapproved drugs made by Unigen and Advent include:

– RE All 12 Suspension
– BP Allergy Junior Suspension
– PE Tann 20 mg/CP Tann 4 mg Suspension
– BP New Allergy DM Suspension
– D-Tann CT Tablets
– B-Vex D Suspension
– Histex SR
– Chlorpheniramine Maleate 12 mg/Pseudoephedrine HCl 120 mg LA Tablets

It’s clear that pharmaceutical companies can not be trusted. Don’t put your health into the hands of people who only care about making a profit. The quality of your health lies in your own hands—make smart decisions about what you will and will not put into your body. A lifestyle of smart eating, exercise and chiropractic adjustments will do wonders to clear up current health problems and help you maintain your health as you age. You’ll also feel better and enjoy a happier quality of life.

[Source: Consumer Affairs online, April 13, 2009]