Adam must have had a cold

adam-and-eve-thumb3486016Nearly everyone at one point or another will have a cold. In one year alone, Americans spend the equivalent of the national budget of all the Central American countries combined on cold remedies, a whooping $ 6 billion dollars, trying to alleviate or “cure” their colds. All this in vain at the expense of the liver, kidneys and over-all body chemistry, not to mention the pocketbook. In a futile attempt to gain temporary relief, we destroy our long range health. All drugs, whether over-the-counter or prescribed, have side-effects.

Our society still regards a cold as an illness we “catch” from someone who had it before us. Not so! A cold is a normal, natural cleansing process. It is our body’s biological way of adapting to environmental changes that occur in the fall as we move into winter, and then again in the spring as summer arrives. Colds occur at times when all of life outside goes through profound changes. In the fall, trees are shedding their leaves, lawns are turning brown, animal’s furs are becoming thicker, bees are moving underground, the list goes on as all of nature undergoes transformation. By spring the resurgence of life can be seen everywhere as trees and shrubs buds, grass turns green, flowers spring up, and animals shed their winter coats. We, as human beings, are part of nature, not apart from it. We are alive and, just like the rest of nature, are going through similar changes. We label this a cold! The symptoms we experience-stuffy nose, sneezing, coughing, scratchy throat, running eyes and sometimes fever- are normal processes our body goes through in order to clean the sinuses and upper respiratory tract. In other words, a cold is the “menstruation” or shedding of the mucus lining of the sinuses and upper respiratory system. No amount of medication will stop the process. Instead, it will temporarily suppress the symptoms while rendering the body more toxic. As the late Dr. Robert Mendelsohn, M.D. put it in his book Confession of a Medical Heretic, “A cold with medication last a week. Without it, it lasts seven days!” Yet by suppressing the symptoms of a cold we may be paying dearly down the line. Recent studies have uncovered that during a cold, the body activate protein P53, an antimutagen agent instrumental in preventing cancer. Who knows if the increase in cancer rate may be partially due, amongst other causes, to something as simple as society interfering with a normal biological process.

Contrary to popular belief, colds are not caused by viruses. Viruses may be present while we are colding but this does not make them the causative agent. England’s Common Cold Research Unit established in 1946 in Salisbury has been a pioneering institution in the worldwide study of transmission, treatment and prevention of colds. Every year 400 volunteers spend weeks at the lavish research facility where they are given nose drops that contain Rhinoviruses. As of 1993, 47 years and 18,800 volunteers latter, only one third of the tested subjects ever get a cold And that is because the one third who react to the artificial, unnatural swabbing of Rhinoviruses may have a weaken immune system to start with. Viruses do not cause colds, no more than flies bring garbage. Viruses may be present during a cold but they are not the cause of it.Virologists estimate that at any given time we may have as many as 3000 viruses in our body. Yet our immune system keep them in check.

Chiropractic care clears the nerve system of interference caused by spinal subluxations. It allows the body to function better, express life more fully, provides greater resistance to sickness and disease and ensures greater immune response. In this sense, it facilitates the shedding, cleansing process of the cold. The only side effect of the adjustment is improved performance of the body and a greater ability to adapt to changes.

So the next time you have a cold— remember— you did not catch it from someone who had it before you. If you did, that someone would have caught it from someone who had it before them. This would mean that Adam, the first man, must have had a cold to past it on to others down through history. However, there was nobody before him he could have caught it from! A little common sense beats the common cold theory.

-Dr. Arno Burnier



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