A link between Vaccines and Autism?

There is a great debate currently unfolding in the U.S., and it centered on the link between childhood vaccines and the development of Autism.

Many scientists and drug companies (who make the vaccines) claim that vaccines do not cause Autism in children. In stark counterpoint, many consumer organizations claim to have solid evidence that vaccines do indeed cause Autism in children.

According to a spokesperson for the National Vaccine Information Center, the rise in Autism cases can be directly correlated to the increased number of vaccines given to our children. In the recent past, the administration of vaccines to children has nearly doubled. At the same time, our nation experienced a nearly 50 percent rise in children diagnoses with learning disabilities and asthma. Plus, we’ve seen cases of childhood diabetes triple and in every state Autism has increased by 200 to 7,000 percent. These are big numbers that deserve big attention. But money stands in the way of settling this debate, as many federal grants have not been renewed to continue research on this vital topic.

So what can you do as a parent to protect your children? Learn more about the research that has already been conducted in the field of vaccinations. Visit the National Vaccine Information Center at http://www.909shot.com/ for the latest news and information.



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