90 day Colon Cleanse program

by Bev Nicholson

Here goes:
Take 2 or 3 LBS II 3x a day for a couple days to get the bowels moving, third day, continue to take LBS II and start taking your drink in the morning, on a empty stomach and at night a few hours after you have eaten.
Drink consists of:

2 Tablesp. Chlorophyll
2 Tablesp. Bentonite
1 Tablesp. Psyllium hulls combo
mixed in 4 oz. of purified water and 4 oz. of natural juice, such as apple juice.
Mix altogether in NSP shaker and drink right away before psyllium gets thick!
Drink plenty of water while doing the program and eat a lot of fresh fruit and veggies. No refined foods or dairy. No red meats, just chicken, turkey and fish.
Do for 90 days and take bifidophilus for a month afterwards. We also suggest the clients take Super Supplemental along with the program.
I can tell many, many success stories with this cleanse. Bev Nicholson was battling with Lupus, skin problems and more. It has helped fibroid tumors along with other herbs, weight loss and more.