7 Top Reasons To Keep a Weight Loss Food Diary

Author: Jason Toomey

From my own personal experience of keeping a weight loss food diary I have found many benefits. I have listed 7 of the top ones that I feel have been one of the contributing factors to my own successful weight loss of losing over 65 pounds.

1 Writing down what you eat and drink actually makes you really aware of how much you are putting in your body everyday. And it also shows you if what your doing in the exercise area is adequate enough.

2 Helps you see which foods are high in fat and calories, it also helps you to plan your meals

3 Assist you in identifying situations, events and emotions that may lead to excessive eating. Once you are aware of these you can then plan how your going to overcome them

4 Stops you from having ‘calorie forgetfulness’. The things we forget that lead to regaining weight after successfully losing it. Documenting everything in your food diary will keep you on track so you don’t do this.

5 Help you attain self discipline – you are less likely to over indulge if you have to record it, especially if you have someone checking your diary on a regular basis.

6 Provides you with the motivation you will need to successfully plan your meals and your exercise each day

7 Is a good system to use so that your doctor or nutritionist can have a look at to see what kind of progress you are making, or where areas need improving.

Keeping a food diary is one of the best ways to keep your weight in check. It is all about taking responsibility for your food and drink choices, your fitness choices, and your lifestyle choices. This system does work, however not everyone has the motivation to even start a weight loss food diary – let alone be consistent with one. This is where you may need more that just a food diary to help you lose weight.

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About the Author:
My name is Jason Toomey and I am a diet and fitness health professional. I have helped many people overcome their weight loss problems and have also been very successful in losing and maintaining my own weight for the past 6 years.

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