Month: January 2009

  • The Boy Who Couldn’t Sleep

    I just saw a video on ABC on a boy suffering from pressure on the brain stem which caused a condition that did not permit […]

  • Did Chiropractic Save Her Marriage?

    I had a patient that came by the other day for a “routine” adjustment. She hadn’t been in for months and we were chatting and […]

  • Watching the Inauguration vs. Adjusting Patients

    I wanted to see Barack Obama’s Inauguration today. We were also busy with patients. The solution-I thought was simple: set up the laptop to stream […]

  • My Personal Blog

    I have a personal blog that I occasionally share stuff. It is at . As always you can follow me on Twitter ,   […]

  • Lifting his arm up

    I twittered about this the other day- A 10 year old boy came in and had never been able to raise his right arm past […]

  • More New Signs!

    What was interesting is that on the same day that the new signage for the Cartersville office was being installed,  the new signs for Dalton […]

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    Somali Pirates

    Somali Pirates are paid $3 million dollars in Ransom money. Story I believe paying a ransom to release a ship taken by Somali Pirates actually […]

  • How to Get Carpal Tunnel Relief

    If you’re suffering with the pain and discomfort of carpal tunnel, don’t turn to medicine or surgery to find relief, instead, turn to your trusted […]

  • Gwyneth Paltrow and the Master Cleanser

    In this story Gwyneth Paltrow mentions that she has done The Master Cleanser detox and she considers it “the most hardcore” one she has ever […]

  • Want to Lose Weight This year? Cleanse!

    It’s a new Year. Maybe one of your resolutions is to lose weight. Often overlooked in a weightloss regimen is cleansing. Toxins are stored by […]