Month: August 2008

  • Lower your Cholesterol Naturally

    If you’ve been told your cholesterol levels are too high, don’t just rely on prescription medication to improve your condition—that should be an absolute last […]

  • Avoid Cholesterol Drugs

    Have you been told your cholesterol level is high? Wait! Before you fill that prescription for cholesterol-lowering medication that will come with a handful of […]

  • 8 Medications that M.D.’s Would Never Take

    So if they won’t take them, why should you? Click here to read the story. Summary:1. Advair2. Avandia3. Celebrex4. Ketek5. Prilosec6. Nexium7. Visine Original8. Pseudoephedrine

  • Vaccines Are Not Mercury Free

    After much public controversy surrounding the mercury content of childhood vaccinations, Health Advocacy in the Public Interest (HAPI) raised $500 to have four vaccines tested […]

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    Oak Leafers

    I just saw the guys from Oak Leaf Church washing windows and inviting people to church. At the gas buydown. Gas was $2.99 a gallon […]

  • Beware of Vytorin

    Data from a recent study shows that people taking the popular cholesterol-reducing heart medication, Vytorin, are 33 to 70 percent more likely to develop—and die […]