Month: September 2007

  • Fun Rockstar Album Covers

    New Time waster: The Rockstarizer. The Motorola Q-is has a site called the Rockstarizer, where you can make album covers and stuff.

  • Acupuncture Works for Back Pain

    A recent study found that acupuncture is better than conventional methods for treating back pain. In fact, fake acupuncture ( a sham therapy) even did […]

  • Chiropractors Help Pregnant Women With Pain

    The above headline comes from the August 14, 2007 issue of the Dallas Morning Star. In this article, Special Contributor Kathleen Green, starts off by […]

  • Ted the Iceman

    This guy is going to need a chiropractor.. watch the video

  • Autism and Chiropractic Care

    From the British publication, the Manchester Evening Star, comes an August 13, 2007 article about an eight-year-old boy Daniel, whose life has been changed for […]

  • Mississippi

    I am always honored when someone travels a long way to come see me. Last week, a couple drove all the way from Mississippi to […]

  • Laura Bush

    Laura Bush had surgery in her neck to relieve pinched nerves that were causing numbness and pain in her hands and arms. story With all […]

  • More joy and happiness

    Here is what experts describe as common characteristics of people who describe themselves as happy: 1. CHOOSE TO SEE THE GOOD – Focusing on positive […]

  • Chiropractic Research

    No matter what condition a person may have they need chiropractic care to ensure their body is working without subluxations. If you have any specific […]