Month: May 2007

  • Tourette’s

    We had a patient come in with back pain. He also had Tourette’s syndrome. He received an adjustment-back felt better, and hardly any spastic movements!

  • Shrek

    Yesterday, I took my daughters to see the movie Shrek the Third. I think I enjoyed the movie more than the girls did! I don’t […]

  • Another busy week

    How can you tell when it’s been a busy day at your chiropractor’s? Check out the wastepaper baskets! We must have had a two-basket day-because […]

  • Bruising

    Your medications may be causing you to bruise easily. Aspirin and Ibuprofen (Tylenol) can cause you to bruise more easily. Here is an article which […]

  • What a day!

    Today was a busy day for me. This morning I had an event at my daughter Chloe’s school in Cartersville. As soon as that was […]

  • Time Waster

    Try this flash game and race against a trash-talking Danica Patrick

  • U.S. is last in healthcare

    Read this story that says that when we are compared with Germany, Britain, Australia and Canada we spent more and have the deliver the poorest […]

  • Mother’s Day

    Today on mother’s day we went to Barnsley Gardens for brunch. The day was beautiful and we had a great time. We took my mother-in-law […]

  • Record Week

    Last week we hit a record in the number of patients that we have seen. I gave my assistants a bonus-since they worked hard to […]

  • How to have more Energy

    I read this article recently and I thought I should share-so here goes: How to have more energy Regardless of how young or old you […]