13 Tips to Ensure that your Handhsake Gives a Positive Message

  1. Initiate the handshake if you are the host. You will demonstrate your professionalism and establish a presence.
  2. Always be ready to shake hands. This means leaving your right hand free of food, drinks, bags, files and so on.
  3. Offer a firm handshake that is not crushing or limp. A sincere, confident grip conveys confidence and authority.
  4. Do not pump the hand you are shaking – three times is enough
  5. Do no hold the other person’s hand for too long and never try to continue a shake for the duration of an introduction.
  6. A palm-on-palm handshake is open and welcoming. A palm offered in a downward position shows dominance. A palm offered in an upward position signifies a submissive nature.
  7. Don’t grasp the other person’s hand between both of yours. It also suggests dominance and may be interpreted as patronizing.
  8. During the handshake, maintain eye contact until you have determined the colour of the person’s eyes.
  9. Gender is not a consideration. Hand shaking etiquette applies equally to men and women, especially in the business environment.
  10. Be considerate of cultural differences, health issues or physical disabilities.
  11. Clients know from the touch of your hands if you are connecting with their energy.
  12. Clients perceive your healing energy mainly through your hands as you touch them … … RELAX.
  13. Tension in touch can be interpreted as lack of confidence and lack of knowing by your client(s).

Adapted from an article by Kerri Scott